Equipping Courses

We offer a selection of training courses and seminars designed to equip individuals and groups and help them grow spiritually. The courses can be tailored to meet specific requirements as required – just let us know what your objectives are.

Body Builders is a 4-session course which aims to help participants:

  • Evaluate and give time to personal development
  • Equip delegates how they might help others
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Explore together with God in a learning environment as disciples

The teaching and skills work draws on counselling, coaching and mentoring techniques, challenging delegates to evaluate their spiritual life and personal relationships. This course is particularly suitable for Church leadership teams; those involved in pastoral care ministry; people working with external community groups, e.g. hospital or care visitation groups and for developing and training those with leadership potential.

Life Tools is a 6-session programme presenting Biblical principles in a practical context. It focuses on:

  • What’s the purpose? – finding personal focus and direction
  • Time in our hands – making every second count
  • Me, myself and I – self-image and personality
  • Driving forces – motivation and attitude
  • Too much month, not enough money – budgeting and financial planning
  • When the pressure builds – overcoming anxiety and stress

The objective behind Life Tools is Sharpening – Shaping – Supporting individuals as they consider concepts and culture within a Biblically based framework.

Pastoral Care is a 6-session course focusing on how to develop a pastoral care ethos in a local church setting. Each session can be adapted to the needs of delegates and this is an interactive course where participation is essential to gain the maximum benefit. It is ideal for church embarking on a program to introduce or develop an integrated pastoral ministry. The sessions comprise:

  • Pastoral Care overview – definitions; demographics; current relationships and networks
  • What do I bring? – world views; spiritual gifts; discovering your SHAPE; journalling
  • Qualities & Skills – pastoral care qualities; listening and attending skills
  • Our community – levels and stages of need; identifying the issues; the role of prayer
  • Changing Culture – 21st Century people; caring for the carers; practice and prayer
  • Next Steps – what happens from now on: evaluating; mentoring; comissioning

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