Bitesize Beliefs

Many of us have on our shelves books that are half-read – we’ve started but never quite got round to finishing them either because we’ve lost interest or something else has come along to grab our attention and time.

Each book in the Bitesize Beliefs series is designed to be read in one sitting over a cup of coffee (or whatever else takes your fancy). They are not meant to be theological treatises but rather helpful ‘appetisers’ to stimulate you to start considing issues that we all face as Christians. Tackling every day life issues Bitesize Beliefsare practical, ‘how to’, easy to read books – with a bit of humour thrown in!

However whilst they can be read in one sitting, they can also be used as study and reference material, in small group situations or as part of a wider teaching series – the permutations are endless!

Currently there are 7 books available:

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